Chaileen Kim
C H A I L E E N . K I M | [chay-leen]

OCADU | GradEx 2017

OCADU | Gradex 2017

These portraits are of the graduating graphic design students of 2017 at OCADU and was taken by Annie Patino-Marin and myself. The portraits were used for marketing materials on the OCADU GradEx website and as a part of the Graphic Design GradEx Committee's campaign 'Why Design?'

'Why Design?' was a marketing campaign created by the members of the GD GradEx Committee to raise awareness of the exhibition held on May 3-7, 2017. Each graduating student had their portrait taken and was featured on the 'Why Design?' website and Instagram account with images of their work, email address and website.


Photographers: Chaileen Kim, Annie Patino-Marin

GradEx Committee Members: Chaileen Kim, Annie Patino-Marin, Leo Jausauskas, Jenilee Grenier, Jack Henry, Bailey McGinn, Calvin Calenda, Alexandra Baglione, Simon Shen, Dylan Taylor, Yisu Yu, Michelle Johnston, Michaila Janowski, Madison Gobbi and Grace Walker